Record high temperature 10.4 C Record low temperature 10.0 C Record high gust 33.0 kts Record high average 24.5 kts Record daily rain 0.0 mm Record low windchill -1.7 C Record high barometer 954.0 hPa Record low barometer 945.0 hPa
Weather Data
Tempo presenteSecco Temperatura attuale 10.0 C
Temperatura massima (da mezzanotte)10.4 C at: 3:20 PM Temperatura minima (da mezzanotte)10.0 C at: 16:26 PM
Forza media vento (dieci minuti)16.0 kts (29.6 kmh) Direzione vento (dieci minuti)NNW (340)
Temperatura vento -0.3 C Massima forza (ultima ora)28 kts (51.8 kmh) at: 17:04 PM
Massima forza (da mezzanotte)33 kts (61.1 kmh) at: 4:01 PM Massimo vento 1 minuto (da mezzanotte)24 kts (44.4 kmh) at: 16:50 PM
Pioggia (ultima ora)0.0 mm Pioggia (da mezzanotte)0.0 mm
Pioggia Questo mese 0.0 mm Pioggia Questo anno 0.0 mm
Massima pioggia per minuto (ultima ora)0.0 mm/min Massima pioggia per ora (ultime 6 ore)0.0 mm/ore
Pioggia di ieri 0.0 mm DewPoint -1.1 C (Wet Bulb :5.0 C )
Umidita 46 % Pressione S.L.M.954.0 mb
Variazione pressione +0.7 mb/ (ultima ora) TendenzaIn aumento
Variazione pressione (ultime 12 ore)+1.0 mb Variazione pressione (ultime 6 ore)+1.0 mb

Status report of weather station:

The data is logged at two minute intervals, but there is data recorded every minute. Best viewed in 800 x 600 and True colour. On the graph, the Blue line represents the average windspeed, the Red line is the maximum gust for that interval, and the Green line is what the wind has dropped off to in the same interval. Fuschsa is the Barometer, and the dew point and Blue is humidity.

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